Okay, so I know this will be EXTREMELY hard to read, but I am no longer offering homework help with my services. If your child struggles to finish their homework, a previous lesson in their curriculum must be understood. 

My job is to find that missing information and relay it to your students in whichever way they learn best. 

Your task is to reach out to your child's teacher and inform them that your child is struggling to comprehend the material being taught in school. Request the teacher to suggest any additional resources that can be beneficial for your child's learning. If the teacher agrees that my assistance could be useful in bridging the gap, I will be happy to contact them and discuss my strategy with them.

Homework aims to reinforce what students learn at school with occasional help from parents or guardians. However, if it is too difficult, the stress will damage your child's relationship with learning. My ultimate goal in life is to invigorate children's love for learning. 

This is why I am starting to distance myself from my original brand, "The Tutoring B," and instead continue operating under my new brand, "The Teaching B." 

It's one word that will change everything for me as an educator and you as a parent looking to enhance your child's understanding of the world around them. 

Thank you again for all your support through the years. I plan to continue helping as many students as I can!